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I know what it’s like to need help. And I know what it’s like to think you have to try to manage without it.

I’ve lived through an abusive first marriage, serious health problems, a poor relationship with food, learning to parent a child with special needs, workplace bullying, alopecia, grief, and loss.


And I thought then, just like I know you have, that the right thing to do was to grit my teeth and keep going - not letting anyone see how sad I was, how stressed, how overwhelmed, and how out of control. But I also learned the hard way that that’s not a sustainable approach. And with each of those separate challenges there came a breaking point, where I knew I didn’t want to feel like that any more, and that I wanted to take back control.

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A friendly reminder: this is your life. And it's time to live it. I'm here to help you achieve happiness in your own skin, despite the challenges you've overcome.


You've made it this far.

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When I realised I couldn’t stay trapped in my marriage, I went to a counsellor. When I learned my son has autism, I went on courses to learn how to support him. When I was bullied in my teaching job, I got advice from my Union. And when I developed alopecia, I found an online group of people who understood what I was going through. The important thing is finding the right support from the right people at the right time – and then reaching out and saying “I need help to move forwards”. I know this is probably what brought you to my website - you’re looking for support too. 

I passionately believe that all the challenges we face become easier when we have a positive, loving relationship with ourselves, and I know that it can often take someone else to help us create that self-acceptance and love. When things go wrong it’s usually because we feel like we’ve lost control – I know that was the case for me, so many times – so the core of everything I do is putting you back in control of your own life by building your confidence, self-esteem and self-belief.

More about me...

I’ve worked hard to make sure that I’m the very best person to help you take back control; I’ve got a Postgraduate Diploma with Distinction in Coaching, I’ve been a Qualified Teacher and PSHE Specialist since 2006, and I’ve got a First Class Honours degree in Women’s Studies.


Be inspired


"Coaching is something I'd never tried before but definitely something I would recommend. Thank you Lizi, it's been great working with you". -- Sarah N.

“I cannot recommend Lizi highly enough. She is an inspirational, warm hearted lady with a fantastic sense of humour and is incredibly professional and kind.” -- Amanda G.

“Lizi is really inspiring herself and her positive energy boosts you each session. It is hard talking to someone about your ‘failings’ and ‘weaknesses’, but she’s been there, lived through it and proudly wears the t-shirt!” -- Claire L.

“Lizi is one of the most inspirational women I know.” -- Rebecca G.

Lizi Jackson Barrett Coaching Testimonia

Be empowered

Lizi Jackson Barrett Coaching Testimonia
Lizi Jackson Barrett Coaching Testimonia

"Lizi's coaching approach is so supportive and friendly. She is someone that I instantly felt comfortable with and felt able to discuss anything without any judgement! Thank you so much Lizi!" -- Sanchia A.

“Lizi is an incredible person with a drive and passion to help others. Her willingness to share the good, the bad, and the ugly means that you connect with her as a person immediately. She has empowered many, of all ages, and there are far more to come! An ambassador for body positivity and love.” -- Sarah-Jane A.

“I recommended her immensely! She made me at ease and gave me the confidence I needed to get on track.” -- Kendra G.

Be unstoppable

“I started seeing Lizi a few months ago after spending most of my life with very little confidence, low self-esteem and no self-worth. With Lizi’s help, kindness, patience and a lot of hard work, she’s helping me to overcome these issues and, the best thing is: not only am I seeing the changes in myself - my family and friends are seeing them too. 
Thank you Lizi.” -- Karen W.

“Lizi is an incredible lady, who is fighting the good fight in a world where everybody is super critical of themselves. With studies proving that social media has a negative impact on body confidence, it's so important in this day and age to encourage the light within people.” -- Frances B.

“Working with Lizi was fantastic, she is not only encouraging and motivating, but I was able to really think in depth about what it was that was stopping me from achieving my goals. Spending time talking to her has uncovered realisations about myself that I think about every day. She is also a really lovely, caring person. I can't recommend her highly enough.” -- Marie B.

“Lizi has been a key contributor to PSHE provision at Bancroft’s School for eight years. During that time, she has delivered very effective sessions on a wide range of topics. Such is the quality of her presentations that she has been commissioned by us to create a number of bespoke sessions on sensitive issues that require careful handling. She has always delivered and has received consistently good feedback from both staff and students.

“Lizi's engaging manner has had a very positive impact on the students who feel comfortable and confident asking her questions. She has been thoroughly professional in preparing and delivering PSHE and I would happily recommend her.” -- Rev. Ivan Moore, Head of PSHE, Bancroft’s School

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