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Imagine a world where you felt truly confident. Where you trusted yourself to make the right decisions, stopped caring what other people thought, and didn’t let self-sabotage stand in your way. How different would your business look then?


What would you be able to do (that you’re avoiding doing right now)? 

What wonderful things would happen in your business and your life?


A boost to your confidence can leave you showing up online more effectively; having more successful sales calls; charging your worth; being recognised as the authority in your field

… and making lots more money!


I’m Confidence Expert Lizi Jackson-Barrett and I help people make changes like these every day. I can show you how to stop second-guessing yourself, comparing yourself to others, or looking for external validation. 

And for the first time ever, I’m here to teach you all this for FREE!


The Confidence Kickstart
Challenge is here!

Join my FREE challenge to propel yourself into the confident life you deserve! 

I’ve got BRAND NEW sessions and activities – exclusively for those on the Confidence Kickstart Challenge!

Check it out:



Monday 25th April 8pm



I’m going to show you how to stop yourself being held back by fear of judgement of failure, and we’re going to silence that irritating voice that loves to limit the goals you create for your business and your life.


Tuesday 26th April 8pm



We’ll uncover all the reasons you’re not earning as much as you should and obliterate each and every one, until there’s nothing standing between you and the money you deserve to be making in your business.



Wednesday 27th April 8pm



Together we’ll ‘fess up to all the ways we should be showing up in our businesses and I’ll help you make a plan to get visible in a whole new way – full of confidence and knowing that you’ve got this!


Thursday 28th April 8pm



I’ll be helping you feel good about the more messy, embarrassing parts of your business (and your life) and teaching you how you can actually harness them to attract the kinds of clients you dream of working with!



Sounds good huh? And did I mention it’s FREE?

But as if that wasn’t enough… I’m also going to be offering some exclusive prizes too! That’s right – turn up to every session and complete each day’s work and you’ll be in the running for some pretty amazing Lizi-approved goodies! Want to know what the prizes are? You’ll have to sign up to come and find out!


Are you ready to stop your self-doubt from squashing your confidence?

Are you ready to boost your self-belief and be able to make fearless decisions?

Are you ready to obliterate your confidence demons once and for all,

and start enjoying the business success you truly deserve?


It all starts with the

Confidence Kickstart Challenge. 

I can't wait to see you there!

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