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Confidence Burst

My Confidence Burst Programme isn’t a deep dive or a soul-search - instead it’s six specific bite-sized group coaching sessions, showing you how to start tackling the boulders blocking the path to your success.

My years spent working with business owners have identified six common issues standing between women and their goals.

The Confidence Burst sessions are designed to unstick you, so you can glide past these blocks and achieve tremendous success - whatever that looks like for your life and business.


Short on time or funds but still keen to experience confidence coaching?


Unit 1 – The Confidence to Aim High

It’s time to challenge the notion of squashed ambition and “realistic” goals!

Together we’ll explore what reaching your true, unbridled potential will look like for you - with full permission to dream big and set your goals accordingly.

This session will sow the seeds for an undefeatable growth mindset, setting a tone of positivity and possibility for the future of your business - you’ll walk away fired up and excited to implement your new-found knowledge.


Unit 2 – The Confidence to Charge Your Worth

It’s time to stop apologising for your pricing… or worse, offering discounts before clients have even asked for them! 

I’ve spent YEARS working with women who are frankly frightened to charge more for their services. 

Sound familiar? Deep down so many of us feel we’re not truly worthy of charging what we deserve to be paid.

This session will inspire and empower you to increase your prices (and stick to them!) as you finally accept you’re worth every penny your clients spend with you.

Unit 3 – Communicating with Confidence

If you don’t sound sure of yourself when you speak for your business, your audience won’t trust you to deliver on your promises.

Whether it’s at networking meetings; online or in person; in writing or talking to prospective clients, you need to be able to communicate your brilliance without fear or apology. 

During this session we’ll start to explore the “what ifs” behind your self-doubt and imposter syndrome.  I’ll introduce you to my proven techniques for overcoming fear- so you can work towards clearly articulating how awesome you are, attract more of those dreamboat ideal clients and easily make more money for your business.


Unit 4 – The Confidence to Get Vulnerable

You’ve heard the phrase “people buy from people”, right? – How do you become the type of person people want to buy from?!

Your clients want to know the real you: the person behind the business…your story, challenges, your highs and lows - this builds trust and connection, ultimately leading to stronger relationships and success for your business.

Getting vulnerable isn’t easy.

This module will introduce you to the concept of getting vulnerable on your terms to connect with your clients on a whole new level - working towards facilitating trust with your future clients for lasting and profitable business relationships (meaning more clients and more money!)

Unit 5 – Body Confidence

Feeling uncomfortable in your own skin is a HUGE barrier to a visible and successful business. But how do you step up as the leader of your business when you hate what you see in the mirror?

We don’t talk enough about the links between body confidence and business success - and that changes here!

Incorporating (and more importantly, implementing) techniques from my bestselling body confidence book, this session will help you work towards putting the days of harsh self-comparison behind you.

There are so many ways to look like a successful business woman - they’re already within you and this session will help you begin to unlock them - for far reaching results in your life and business.


Unit 6 – Confidence on Camera

Does the thought of doing a live video or appearing in a magazine (or even TV) give you palpitations?

The very idea of being seen on camera brings so many of us out in a cold sweat, so you’re certainly not alone if this resonates with you.

Fear of judgement is a genuine obstacle to business success - you’re an expert in your field - but self doubt seeps in and stops you showing up - which is a disservice to your business and the future clients who need to hear from you.

Confidence on camera is a vital part of running a successful business in 2022 - but being perfect is so five years ago!

This session will introduce the idea of being authentic - not immaculate- for your audience so you can work towards jumping on camera with minimal fuss or preparation,  serving your audience and growing your business with ease.

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