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If you saw my email last week you'll know I'm super-excited about my new title (I'm a Confidence Strategist baby!!) as well as my new-look logo.

And I wanted to tell you why I've changed the look of my logo and branding, because I realised something was wrong - and it might be wrong for you too.

My clients have described me as someone who is kind, fun, positive, bubbly, bright, optimistic... and also someone who gets shit done. One client recently said "I love that there's no fluff!" A few people have said that what I do is "magic". And I think that I convey this in most aspects of my brand - from the way I speak to people, to the way I dress... but there was one glaring problem. My logo was almost completely grey! What had I been thinking??

The only colour in my old logo had been my four coral dots and I love having coral as my brand colour. Colour psychology says coral can encourage confidence and action - yay! So why wasn't I using more of it? But also... I wanted more than that. I think I'm seen as a "colourful" person so why wasn't I showing this in my logo and brand colours? Enter turquoise, stage right.

Turquoise is, apparently, a colour that encourages reflection and focusing on one’s own needs, thoughts and feelings. It can be connected to a higher self-esteem and love for oneself. And it looks bloody gorgeous with coral! Bingo!

Since making these changes I feel really different. I feel invigorated and motivated to increase my visibility again. And I think it's because everything in my business is feeling aligned. Every part of my personal brand feels authentic... a true representation of me and my business.

Sometimes when our confidence is low, this is the reason. One part of how we're showing up (or not showing up) feels wrong - and when we can work out what it is and make the necessary changes... BOOM! Renewed confidence, ready to tackle the world!

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