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Success Story - meet Lindsay

Lindsay came to me for coaching last year feeling pretty low. She remembers crying through our first session together: her confidence had taken a huge knock and her weight was getting her down.

Fast forward to today and Lindsay is a walking success story. Not only did she use her new-found confidence to have a boudoir photoshoot - celebrating her body rather than feeling bad about it - she went on to apply to a modelling agency and has been signed as a plus-size lingerie model! She hasn't only embraced her own body exactly the way it is, she's now inspiring other women to celebrate their own curves, lumps and bumps. As Lindsay's coach it means so much to see her as the confident, gorgeous woman I always saw in her.

I asked Lindsay if she'd share some of her journey to inspire others and was delighted when she agreed. Here's what she said:

Lindsay, can you describe how you felt about yourself when you first came to me for coaching?

I had recently gone through a divorce at the time and even though I knew that it was a positive step for me I still felt lost about my place in life and needed to find the new me. I also felt unhappy with me and my weight which started as my main reason for coming to you.

What had led to you feeling like that?

I was in a relationship for 14 years, married for 10 of those and once we had the children (aged 6 and 8), the relationship was not a healthy one, quite volatile at times. My confidence was chipped away at, so gradually, I didn't even see it happening. Society had also played it's part in making me feel that I should be something other than myself.

How did our coaching help you?

It made me realise that I am enough and ultimately though I thought I wanted to lose weight to be healthier, it seems it was because of how I had been made to feel, like I wasn't enough as myself.

Were there any moments in our sessions that stick in your mind?

Yes, my first session where I cried my eyes out to you and just needed to offload, then my last session with you as somebody that had done a complete '360' in life and was happy and complete.

What made you decide to get boudoir photos done?

It had been in my head for a while but it was my love of lingerie, dressing up and showing that off. It was also a present to myself and my new start.

How did you feel about yourself during the shoot?

Absolutely amazing, one of the best days of my life. Julian (the photographer) is fantastic at what he does and would make even the most nervous person feel at ease.

What did Julian do to help you feel good?

Just spent time with me on video calls before we was due to do the shoot in order to discover me and what type of images I was after. On the day we just spent the whole day laughing.... it was empowering being me in a different light.

What was it like when you saw the photos he’d taken of you?

I didn't know what to expect even though I'd had a tiny preview of two images....we had taken 882 so anything could have happened. He had managed to capture everything I wanted...funny, sexy, serious, playful...the lot.

Tell me about becoming a plus-size lingerie model! What made you decide to do it, and what does it mean for you?

The modelling side is not something I had planned on pursuing but liked the idea of it. A few people (including yourself) had said to me that they thought I could absolutely do it and what did I have to lose by applying to agencies and not getting a response. The first agency I applied to called me in, took images and interviewed me, then offered a 12 month contract on the spot. I couldn't believe it! I am already seeing potential opportunities that are in the pipeline and it means that my confidence can only grow as I'm ready for knock backs and that's fine.

If you could go back and talk to Lindsay of a year ago, what would you say to her?

"You will be absolutely fine. You are stronger than you think. Why are you doubting that you are anything other than what you want to be and are already? You are enough!"

And finally what would you say to any women reading this who might be feeling low in confidence?

Having low confidence is nothing to be ashamed of, nor does it mean that you can't be you or feel alive again. Gaining confidence and keeping hold of it is a journey and sometimes you just need others to believe in you before you are ready to yourself. I needed Lizi to ask the right questions and 'get into my head' as I couldn't see the woods for the trees at that point of my life. You have one life, make it everything you had hoped it would be.

You can follow Lindsay on Facebook and Instagram by clicking the links or searching for @lindsayhiettplussizemodel - please do join her and show her the support she deserves.

Lindsay's boudoir photos were taken by Julian at The Way You Are

(More about my own boudoir shoot with Julian in a later blog!)

And if you'd like to talk to me about how you can find confidence to reach your full potential, click the "contact" link at the top of the page and let's have a chat about living the life you deserve.

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