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We were on the radio!

This week I am full of pride not as a coach but as a Mum. Get ready for a major dose of inspiration.

My son Jacob is 13 and has had a stammer since he was nine. It's got worse each year and now it affects his self-esteem, his ability to socialise and his progress in school. There's a national shortage of Speech and Language Therapists and neither Jacob's school nor I have been able to find one who has any availability to help him.

In an attempt to motivate him to practice the limited techniques he's learned we've asked friends and family to sponsor him to practice, with all funds going to the Riding for the Disabled centre where Jacob rides each week. He's raised around £600 so far and he's enjoying sharing regular videos demonstrating some of his techniques. However it's a very poor second to getting the professional help he needs.

Last week, Jacob and I were invited to speak on BBC Radio Essex to discuss this issue. I asked Jacob what he thought about the idea... and he said yes immediately.

Think about that for a moment.

My 13 year old son who has a debilitating stammer was going to be interviewed about it on live radio.

When I asked him whether he's worried about doing it he said "no, I'm just excited to go on the radio". It seems to me that this attitude embodies the courage and confidence I speak about so often.

I think we can all learn something from Jacob here. When we're faced with new possibilities our minds often automatically jump to the negative, filled with fear and "what-ifs". And then we miss out. But if we can channel our inner-Jacob we can see the exciting potential in the opportunities that come our way.

If Jacob can say yes to a radio interview... what can you find the courage to say yes to? Drop a comment below and let me know your thoughts.

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