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Who do you think you're talking to?

Last week I shared an important reminder that people aren't generally waiting to judge and criticise everything you do.

But occasionally they are.

Whether you've got an uber-critical family member, or are unfortunate enough to have picked up a troll... it's true that from time to time there may be someone who's only got unkind things to say. So how do you step up your visibility without fear?

In February I was interviewed live on the ITV national lunchtime news and I knew that out of the millions who watched me it was likely that someone somewhere had something mean to say - maybe about my opinions, or perhaps about my appearance. So how did I stop that knowledge from holding me back when this opportunity came up?

Simply by knowing I wasn't speaking to that person.

I was speaking to the people who I knew would enjoy seeing and hearing me. The people nodding their heads in agreement, or those who don't usually see themselves represented on TV, or the friends who were excited to see me on the telly. And because I showed up I picked up new followers and enquiries and grew my authority.

I made a choice, and you can too. You and your business deserve to be seen but you need to choose to stop playing small because of the fear of what people might say. Choose who you're talking to and stay focused on them. No-one else matters.

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