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Lizi Jackson-Barrett

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Lizi won’t simply tell your team to “be more confident and believe in themselves”...
she’ll actually show them


Lizi speaking at a conference

“Lizi's confidence workshop was one of the most powerful professional workshops I have attended. Often, when working with influential people, it is easy to forget that many of us (especially women) have faced similar challenges on our very different journeys, and Lizi brought all of us back to that reality with a grace and eloquence that was deeply moving. Her story is one many can relate to, but rarely discuss, and her work to support women in expanding their confidence is foundational in building a better world for ourselves and the next generation.”

Isla Monroe, Founder at For Win Ventures                        


Meet Confidence Expert Lizi Jackson-Barrett: a TEDx speaker, coach, bestselling author, and proudly bald woman. She struggled with a lifetime of negative body image before losing her hair at forty and learning to truly love herself as she is.


She's a speaker with a difference.


There are many coaches and speakers who’ll proclaim “be more confident and believe in yourself” - which is all well and good - but Lizi will actually show you HOW.


She don’t just talk a good game - she's fearlessly focused on equipping others with the skills to build their own self-belief, showing them specifically HOW to gain the confidence to achieve their full, extraordinary potential in business and beyond. She prides herself on turning the elusive, sought-after quality of “confidence” into a tangible, learn-able skill.

Lizi's story is both uplifting and, at times, heartbreaking; and she's passionate about helping people understand the precise steps to building their own confidence - inspiring action and facilitating lasting and meaningful change for individuals and organisations alike.


Since the pandemic, employee wellbeing has never been more crucial.


The past few years have knocked the stuffing out of so many people - with employees and business owners alike finding self-doubt an obstacle when it comes to representing their organisations with confidence.


A happy and harmonious workforce is exponentially more productive (and profitable) than a team of people who are stifled by confidence issues and lack self-belief.


Your employees (and in turn, your business) deserve to be healthy in every sense… which is where Lizi comes in!

Speaking in schools

Lizi is also an experienced teacher, having taught in an inner-London secondary school for eight years before retraining as a coach.


Lizi is available to deliver a wide range of PSHE talks and workshops, covering emotional and physical wellbeing; staying safe on- and off-line; and social responsibility. She also offers parent workshops on sensitive topics such as helping your child be body confident, and discussing pornography at home.

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