Current talks:

  • Surviving and thriving in the face of adversity

  • How to feel beautiful when you’re short, fat and bald

  • The power of feeling beautiful

  • Making the world see you: the power of becoming visible

  • Self-sabotage and how to avoid it

  • Don’t change how you look: change how you look at yourself

  • Turn your “shoulds” into “coulds”

  • How authentic are you in your business?

Storytelling is powerful.


When you hear others talking about how they have managed to thrive in the face of adversity, it reminds you of your own strength and resilience.


Whether I’m speaking to a small and intimate group of women or on stage in front of hundreds of people, my message is the same: I’m an ordinary women who has faced some extraordinary challenges.


I’ve been emotionally and physically broken; I’ve hit rock bottom – and I’ve found my way back out again, through a combination of courage, resilience and humour.


Above all, I use my talks to inspire others to rise above their struggles; to embrace their vulnerabilities and imperfections; and to feel confident and beautiful in their own bodies.

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