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Identify as Beautiful as an Act of Courage & Defiance |TEDxUniversityofEssex

Recorded June 2020

"Identifying as beautiful means so much more than being happy with your proportions and features." Can you imagine? Feeling fearlessly beautiful, regardless of your looks? What would it take for you to actually identify as “beautiful”? It took Lizi losing her hair to alopecia at 40 to finally stop seeking approval in other people’s perceptions of her. After three decades of body shame at last Lizi Jackson-Barrett identifies as beautiful – bald head included – and it’s a revelation everyone deserves. Lizi Jackson-Barrett; coach, author, body positivity expert and proudly bald woman.

Meet Confidence Expert - Lizi Jackson-Barrett

Recorded November 2021

Confidence Expert Lizi Jackson-Barrett is a coach, a bestselling author, a TEDx speaker and a proudly bald woman. She struggled with a lifetime of negative body image before losing her hair at forty and learning what it truly means to love herself as she is. She knows from personal experience how increasing your confidence can transform your life – often in ways you’d never imagined. Featured widely in the media including Marie Claire, The Telegraph, and Red Magazine, as well as on ITV and BBC radio and TV, Lizi is fearlessly focused on empowering others to build their self-belief and gain the confidence they need to achieve their full, extraordinary potential in business and beyond.

Wrong is the New Right | TEDxNorthwich

Recorded May 2022

In a hyper-connected world it’s never been easier to fight with strangers. No-one ever teaches us how to be wrong, and our collective inability to back down is threatening our entire civilisation. But we all have the power to save the world by doing one simple thing. Confidence expert Lizi Jackson-Barrett is a coach, a bestselling author and a TEDx speaker. She struggled with a lifetime of low self-esteem before losing her hair at forty and learning what it truly means to love herself and show up in the world with genuine confidence.

Building Self-belief | With Lizi Jackson Barrett

Recorded May 2022

Lizi was eleven years old when her science teacher told her she was too ugly to feed the worms, triggering decades of poor body image and self-esteem. She became consumed with the idea that self-acceptance would come from changing her appearance.

Podcast appearances

How To Grow In Confidence With Lizi Jackson Barrett

Lisa Johnson podcast

“Have the confidence to have huge goals and say them out loud.” Paul Toms from EMEA Recruitment

Recorded Nov 2022

In this episode, Paul Toms explores the service Lizi provides to clients, with the overarching goal of increasing the confidence of others strategically to accelerate business growth and success.

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