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Supercharge Your Business with Confidence – Exclusive Black Friday Offer!

The moment you've been waiting for is finally here. Get ready to revolutionise your business and unlock the untapped potential you’ve been holding back for too long! My life-changing one-to-one confidence coaching is yours for the taking:

The FIRST person to take the leap and join me gets a massive £1000 OFF!

The SECOND person to sign up will enjoy a whopping £750 OFF!

The THIRD person to take action gets a huge £500 OFF!

And the next TWELVE people who sign up before midday tomorrow will get a stonking £300 OFF!

Sorry, my Black Friday offer has finished. But I'd love to know what led you here and what confidence challenges I can help you with!

Email me at

and let me know

Claim Your Offer Now – Limited Spots Available

Why Confidence is Your Business's Secret Weapon:


Running a successful, profitable business is more than just having a brilliant strategy; it's about having the confidence to act on that strategy. 


My clients use their new confidence to…


💥 increase their pricing with complete belief that they’re worth every penny (and no more apologising when they state their fees or offering discounts to everyone!)

💥 walk into networking events and deliver a killer pitch (leaving everyone in the room wanting to work with them and not their competitors)

💥 approach their dream clients knowing they’re good enough to do it (and making it easy for those dream clients to say yes)

💥 speak about their business with conviction and clarity in every conversation they have (effortlessly picking up new clients along the way)

💥 follow up every time someone expresses an interest (and closing more sales conversations than ever before)


So what would you use your confidence to do?

Confidence is what takes you from everything you are currently achieving, to everything you know in your heart you truly desire. If you know you’re meant for more than this… if you dream of creating an exceptional life for your loved ones; making a true impact in the world; and leaving a legacy for the trailblazers who come after you… confidence is almost certainly the missing link you’ve been looking for.

Unlock Your Success – Grab Your Exclusive Offer Now

If not now, when?


Have you achieved everything you hoped for in 2023 or are you nearing the end of the year with a sense of un-met potential and a feeling that you’re meant for more?


Picture a different story in 2024 – one of business triumphs, personal fulfilment and incredible growth.


I get it - it’s hard to believe. In fact it’s almost impossible to imagine yourself as the person I’ve just described. 


But the facts speak for themselves: in over six years of coaching, every single client I’ve ever worked with has rated their confidence as significantly higher after my coaching programme than they did at the start. 


And they’ve gone on to use that confidence to become known as industry leaders; to start new businesses; to write bestselling books; to regularly show up on TV as experts in their field; to hit income levels they couldn’t have imagined… and so, so much more. 


Bottom line… if you’re ready for change and you want big things (and don’t worry if you’re not exactly sure yet what those things are)... my coaching works.


And if your diary is too full right now to make time for a coaching programme don’t worry - I’ve got you. When you sign up today you have until the end of February 2024 to get started… so you can grab your savings now and then use them when you’re ready.

Seize the Opportunity – Claim Your Offer Now

My one-to-one coaching programme is delivered via Zoom so you can sign up from anywhere in the world, for four months of coaching tailored specifically to your goals, your dreams and your challenges. Together you and I are an unstoppable force. What difference would that make…


  • to your business growth?

  • to your bank balance?

  • to your family?

  • to your self-esteem and happiness?

This is an offer for action-takers and change-makers. Only fifteen people will have the opportunity to claim these gigantic discounts on my one-to-one coaching programme which is usually priced at £2700. The sooner you act the more you’ll save*. Remember:

  • The first person to claim the offer will receive a massive £1000 OFF

pay as little as £145 per month over 10 months**

  • The second person to jump in will enjoy a huge £750 OFF

pay as little as £170 per month over 10 months**

  • The third person to take action gets a full £500 OFF

pay as little as £195 per month over 10 months**

  • The next 12 people to sign up will receive a saving of £300 OFF

pay as little as £215 per month over 10 months**

I’m proud to have a reputation for creating fee-free payment plans to make my coaching accessible to as many people as possible. 

**You only need to pay a reservation fee of £250 today. This amount will be deducted from the total due, and then you can decide how you want to spread the remaining amount - it can be over as long as 10 monthly payments. 

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Claim Your Offer Now – Limited Spots Available

Your journey toward incredible achievements starts now. Secure your spot (and your saving!), and let's embark on an extraordinary adventure together!


Let’s do this!


Lizi x


PS These offers expire at midday on Saturday 25th November so if you’re planning to sleep on it don’t sleep for too long!

Don’t Miss Out - Claim Your Confidence

All coaching will take place over Zoom.

A 1-2-1 coaching programme consists of 8 x 1-hour sessions, 2 weeks apart across an approximate period of 4 months

We take no responsibility for any technical issues encountered while making a purchase.

* cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers

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