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Burst 1 - Know your worth and charge it!

When I started my coaching business in 2017 I was terrified to talk money. I’d speak to prospective clients about how I could help them and it would all go well until they asked the dreaded question…


“How much will it cost?”


I’d blurt out the number (a number that was much too low) and before they could speak I’d start justifying it… and then - even worse - I’d jump into offering discounts and extras! By the time I stopped for breath and finally let the poor woman respond, I’d undone all the great work I’d done in the conversation up to that point. My lack of belief in my own value spoke volumes and when the inevitable “I’ll have a think and get back to you” came, I’d mutter “of course, I totally understand, I’ll leave it with you, thanks so much for your time!”… and never hear from them again. 

Since then, of course, things have changed.

I know my worth and I charge it.

But the truth is, so many business owners are stuck where I was. They’re scared that people will think they’re too expensive; or that they’ll be laughed at or badmouthed for their prices. They offer discounts left, right and centre – undercutting themselves again and again because the idea of just saying a price and then being quiet is terrifying! Every so often they talk about increasing their prices but when it comes to actually doing it they back away, too scared to say the bigger numbers.

The result of this is simple - they’re not making enough money. There’s not enough coming in because they’re scared to sell, and when they do make a sale it’s for less than they should be charging. So they try to bring in more cash by saying yes to all the little jobs they don’t really want to be doing. They work evenings and weekends – even though one of the reasons they started their business in the first place was to have the freedom to spend more time with their family! And so naturally they find themselves wondering if they’ll ever bring in the income they need, or if they’d be better off jacking it all in and applying for a job somewhere.

“Lizi has helped me give myself value and confidence in not stepping down on my prices.  I had to stand my ground on one client who wanted me to reduce my fee and I said NO!  Normally I would say OK!”

(Amanda Hall, Amanda Hall Photography)

If this is you I want you to know...

'you’re not alone.'

I’ve worked with so many women who share this challenge. But the good news is, it doesn’t have to be like this. It can change. You can start earning the money you dreamed of when you started your business… and not by working every hour of the day. It all starts with knowing your worth – and I mean truly knowing it – and then having the confidence to charge it.


Imagine feeling secure and happy in increasing your prices. Imagine stating those prices with self-belief. Imagine clients who say “yes” to those prices because when you believe in the value you offer them, they believe it too.

It’s easier to start that change than you might think. And the place to start it is in my brand new Confidence Burst – a 60-minute session where I’ll give you all my tips, techniques and short-cuts to confidence.


You’ll join me in a group of like-minded business owners who are facing exactly the same challenges as you – people who get it and are ready to break the cycle. And you’ll leave with a plan: a proper, solid, manageable action plan that you can start work on immediately. A plan that can absolutely have you knowing your worth and charging it by Christmas.


The investment for this potentially life-changing hour is just £39 – and there will be prizes on offer when you join me, with a top prize worth £200! The replay will be available to everyone who signs up, so even if you can’t join me live you can watch it at a time that suits you.

Join me for Confidence Burst 1 - Sign up here!

“Since Lizi helped me find my self-belief I now charge my worth with my head held high”.

(Jackie Lehane, GwenGreen Virtual Assistant)

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