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I work with schools and parents to tackle the most sensitive issues through my secondary school assemblies and parent workshops.


I am passionate about engaging students in discussion and empowering them to make choices for a safe and happy life.


I love talking about the subjects that teachers and parents often find awkward: sex, pornography, drugs & alcohol, staying safe & knowing who to trust, positive body image, and online perfection.


And because I believe that young people need cohesive, non-judgmental support from all the adults in their lives, I also support parents through workshops helping them to understand how to talk to their children about these very important and very difficult issues.

Current talks available:

(Bespoke talks created on request)

  • Binge Drinking

  • Legal and Illegal Drugs

  • Drugs and their Consequences

  • Sexually Transmitted Infections

  • Contraception

  • The Truth about Pornography

  • Online Perfection

  • Who to Trust Online

  • Cyberbullying

  • Staying Safe When You’re Out

  • Positive Body Image

  • Eating Disorders

  • How to Feel Beautiful

  • Your Mental Wellbeing

  • Creating Healthy Relationships

  • Autism Awareness

  • Consumer Rights

  • Criminal Justice System

  • Ethical Fashion

  • Modern Slavery

Lizi Jackson Barrett Coach Speaker Alope

I’ve been delivering freelance secondary PSHE talks since 2011, and, over that time, I have built a library of well-resourced talks. I also create new talks on a regular basis to meet the needs of individual schools and help them to address gaps in their PSHE provision or tackle particular issues arising within year groups.

I believe students learn best when they are engaged and involved rather than passive listeners. Therefore my talks, assemblies and workshops always include plenty of opportunity for interaction including quizzes and games, as well as questions throughout.  My talks are thoroughly researched and regularly updated, include learning opportunities to suit a range of learning styles and abilities, and focus on how students can apply the topic to their own lives.

I am confident in ensuring students remain focused and engaged, and I always strive to balance professionalism with humour to ensure students enjoy my visits. I maintain high expectations of all students during my talks which can be especially important when covering sensitive or controversial topics.  I finish every talk by signposting students to “next steps” options for students who feel affected in some way by the topics covered.

"How to talk to your kids about Pornography"

9 out of 10 children have seen online porn by the age of 14... so your child will probably SEE sex well before they HAVE sex.

But not your child. They're definitely not interested in looking at that stuff - right? Well, not necessarily I'm afraid. A 2019 survey found that 75% of parents felt sure their children had not seen online porn... but more than half were wrong.


This is a subject that sends many parents running. But burying your head in the sand won't help keep your kids safe from the inevitable.


“How to Talk to Your Kids About Porn during Lockdown” is a short course for you to complete at home at your own pace. It will equip you with the confidence, knowledge and strategies to know exactly how to start these conversations with your kids.

Note: After you've paid please click "Return to Merchant" to access your short course

The course is ideal for parents of kids aged between 8 and 16, although some parents of younger children have also found it's helped them to feel prepared for what lies ahead.


The short course is provided as a 41-page printable PDF and includes:

·       steering the tone of tricky conversations

·       the background info you need to know

·       the effect of porn on body image and how to challenge it

·       teaching your kids that porn sex isn't like real sex

·       empowering your kids to form healthy, respectful relationships

·       talking to your kids about the dangers of "sexting"

·       the law when it comes to porn, and how to use it to help you

·       approaches to try with reluctant teens or younger kids

·       getting support for you

It's also packed full of practical ideas, tips and techniques that you can start putting in place straight away.

Note: After you've paid please click "Return to Merchant" to access your short course

“How to talk to your kids about Pornography”

Workshop for parents of children aged 11-16:

  • Unrealistic ideas of what bodies should look like and what normal sex looks like;

  • The expectation that girls should be sexually submissive;

  • The normalisation of sexual violence;

  • The addictive nature of pornography;

  • Children seeing extreme sexual acts;

  • Lack of consent in porn films.

Contact me to discuss me bringing this workshop to your school, group or organisation

"“Lizi's engaging manner has had a very positive impact on the students who feel comfortable and confident asking her questions. She has been thoroughly professional in preparing and delivering PSHE and I would happily recommend her.”

-- Rev. Ivan Moore, Head of PSHE, Bancroft’s School

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