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Feel confident and beautiful - exactly as you are

When you don’t feel happy in your own skin you miss out on so much.

I’ll show you how to love and accept yourself inside and out, so you can stop worrying what people think and finally live the confident life you deserve.

“I cannot recommend Lizi highly enough. She is an inspirational, warm hearted lady with a fantastic sense of humour and is incredibly professional and kind.”

- Amanda G.

Haven't you lived like this for long enough?

You’ve spent so much time, money and energy on trying to change the way you look. And sure, you can keep hoping that body confidence is one more diet away. That if you could just change one more thing you’ll look in the mirror and be happy at last.


But deep down you know this isn’t true.


You know that to feel truly confident - and even beautiful - you need to do something different… or before you know it you’ll be seventy years old and still looking for that elusive miracle product or procedure that will give you what you’ve always longed for.


And all those dreams you have now… the things you’ll do when you look good enough (or thin enough, or popular enough, or anything enough) will become missed opportunities. They’ll be things you wish you’d done when you had the chance.

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Happy African Woman Lizi Jackson Barrett
Achieve your ideal life

How would it feel to stop wasting physical, emotional, spiritual and financial energy on trying to change your appearance to fit within a narrow definition of beauty?


Imagine instead using that energy to concentrate on what makes you truly happy and fulfilled. What would you achieve? 


So many of the women I’ve helped have made life-changing decisions armed with their new confidence.

Lizi Jackson Barrett Coach Speaker Noteb


I’m short, fat and bald, and I feel beautiful. That hasn’t always been the case though. I spent thirty years believing that women are all supposed to look a certain way, and that it was my job to spend my life trying to change my appearance to get as close to that idea of “perfection” as possible. I dieted for three decades (and have been every size from a 12 to a 24). I tried so many ways to change the way I looked, from my teeth to my hair. My body made me feel ashamed.

Wondering if you might have finally found the person to help you achieve true body confidence?


It all starts with a Discovery Call - a free 30-minute chat on Zoom. 

Let's get to know each other.  
I'll find out about your challenges and goals, and we can both decide if I’m the right person to help you.



To book a Discovery Call I ask you to begin by completing a short form so I can start getting an idea of the
support you might need:

Misty Slopes

“Confidence” can feel elusive… but once you find it, everything changes. I’ll help you understand and accept yourself in a truly meaningful way, leaving you feeling empowered and in control.


When you feel confident and beautiful in your own skin, the effects can be dramatic. Your new-found self-belief will mean you stop worrying about what other people think of you. You’ll see that your worth isn’t dependent on the way you look, whilst knowing that the way you look is more than good enough already. 


I’m fearlessly focused on empowering women to stop wasting physical, emotional, spiritual and financial energy on trying to change their appearance to fit within a narrow definition of beauty. Instead I show you the power of using that energy to concentrate on what makes you truly happy and fulfilled. I help to undo deeply-rooted beliefs about what it means to be “good enough” and teach women that feeling beautiful has nothing to do with how they look and everything to do with how they look at themselves.

“I saw Lizi presenting recently, about The Power of Feeling Beautiful. I was blown away by her delivery, her story, her way of explaining. Lizi is an amazing speaker who made me laugh and brought me tears in one ten minute presentation. Incredible.”

- Katherine P.

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