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Short on time or funds but still keen to experience confidence coaching?

I hear you - your inbox is probably full of coaches promising overnight transformations and astronomical business growth - it’s hard to know where to start.

My Confidence Burst Programme isn’t a deep dive or a soul-search - instead it’s six specific bite-sized group coaching sessions on Zoom, showing you how to start tackling the boulders blocking the path to your success.

My years spent working with business owners have identified six common issues standing between women and their goals.

The Confidence Burst sessions are designed to unstick you, so you can glide past these blocks and achieve tremendous success - whatever that looks like for your life and business.


The Confidence to Aim High

It’s time to challenge the notion of squashed ambition and “realistic” goals!

Together on Zoom we’ll explore what reaching your true, unbridled potential will look like for you - with full permission to dream big and set your goals accordingly.

This session has been postponed - please do register and we will keep you updated. 

“Working with Lizi was fantastic, she is not only encouraging and motivating but I was able to really think in depth about what it was that was stopping me from achieving my goals.


Spending time talking to her has uncovered realisations about myself that I think about every day”

Marie B

Join me for my next Confidence Burst: The Confidence to Aim High 

Lizi’s very special talent is showing people what is possible.”

Carrie-Anne Philbin MBE

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