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An accountant made me cry last week

Sometimes I get client feedback that stops me in my tracks... and last week, accountant Kerry Allen's evaluation form brought me to tears. She was one of the eight women who recently completed my 12-week group coaching programme, Confidence Accelerator. I can't just let her words sit and gather dust on my laptop so today I wanted to share some snippets (with Kerry's permission):

How would you describe the Confidence Accelerator programme to a friend?

"In a few words, a game changer! I have been on a few courses to try help with

getting my confidence levels up and to be able to make changes in my life and with my business. This is the only programme that has been able to give me the kick I needed and to help me continue moving in the right direction".

Was Confidence Accelerator what you expected?

"No. I just thought it would be something else that I have paid money towards which would result in no changes. Boy was I mistaken. Right from the first session things started to be put in my mind that change is possible - but it wasn't just telling me that change is possible, you showed me how it was possible".

What's different about you since starting the Confidence Accelerator programme?

"The biggest thing I have noticed is that I'm OK with not saying yes to every new client that comes knocking. If you're not happy with my fees then I'm not the right accountant for you. Now I want clients who value me, value my worth and appreciate what I can do for them and their business".

How do you think your increased confidence will help you over the next six months?

"I have been working on a new business model which is changing how I am working with clients, who I'm working for and how much I'm charging. With my increased confidence I am going to go out there and find these clients".

What's your biggest takeaway from working with me?

"That confidence in myself is possible".

Is there anything else you'd like to share?

"I aspire to be like you one day and the opportunity to work with you has been a life changer. More people need to know about this programme because it is brilliant. You are an amazing women and I feel privileged to have worked with you - thank you for being you and helping me in the way you have".

See what I mean? If that didn't bring a lump to your throat you have a heart of stone! I really am so proud of the work Kerry and I did together and I'm so bloomin' excited to see what's next for her!

I'd love to know what client feedback you've had recently that's made you feel awesome - comment below and let me know!

If you'd like to know when the doors will be opening for the next Confidence Accelerator programme contact me to register your interest.

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